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What We Do

Our investigative techniques and customer-oriented focus allows us to present solutions for our clients’ different projects and addressed to optimize their marketing efforts.

Pragmatic and results-oriented view for our investigations.

Our experience tells us what are the necessary pieces to complete the puzzle and the most effective way to collect them. Gridresearch provides the clearest vision of the picture.

Extensive network of contacts at national, regional and local level. From KOLs, stakeholders, physicians, pharmacists to managers and executives.

Market Research

We apply qualitative market research techniques to identify trends, segments and products. Our studies are tailored to our customer needs. Scrutinizing at all hierarchy levels.

Detection of opportunities and threats to support better oriented marketing designs.

Market Access & Reimbursement

In a continously evolving market with an increasing role of payers, we describe local country requirements to develop a customized regulatory strategy. Our expertise and experience to find the ideal respondents and to keep long term relationships with them enhances our organization’s added value.

Among our main tasks we are committed to:

  • Finding for our clients the better way to negotiate with authorities and permit successful launches
  • Detecting value drivers resonating for payors
  • Exploring stakeholders and clinicians’ views on customer’s product/s and identify their main strengths and weaknesses
  • Diagnosing office economic barriers/hurdles built to sustain and improve rational consumption of drugs
  • Examining price setting structures by a comprehensive benchmark of competitors and public systems’ peculiarities
  • Understanding authorities’ mental schemes and procedures to obtain formulary inclusion
  • Keeping our attention on regional and local particularities and differences to complete detailed decision-oriented mapping for our end clients

Practice Areas

Market Research

  • Hospital Equipment
  • Drugs, Medical Devices, Digital Health
  • IT & Telecom
  • Semiconductor components
  • Leisure & Travel
  • FMCGs & supermarkets
  • Materials & Energy
  • Engineering
  • Automotive market/aftermarket
  • Real Estate
  • Luxury Products

Market Access & Reimbursement

  • Generation of relevant evidence for payors
  • Qualitative pricing exploration
  • Description of scenarios and strategies
  • Improve access to healthcare workers and patients
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Pricing and Reimbursement (P&R) due dilligence
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